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Our Extreme Makeover Experience

Bill Plemmons RV World in Rural Hall, North Carolina is lending RVs to help the entire crew and staff of "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" being filmed in Lexington, NC, November 11th through November 18th. During the production of the show, "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition's" entire crew will be utilizing the RVs as they work endlessly during the production. A total of five (5) RVs will be utilized during the show, two (2) Class A RVs and three fifth wheels--all provided by Bill Plemmons RV World.

The build is for a beloved teacher in Lexington who is battling stage four cancer, Tricia Creasey. Tricia refused to stop teaching three years ago when diagnosed with colon cancer even through her chemotherapy and major surgery her treatment required. Then, in May of 2009, Tricia's cancer spread to her lymph nodes. Tricia, her husband William and their three children will be going on vacation to Walt Disney World while their fixer-upper home in much need of necessary repairs and renovations will be replaced with a newly built home to accommodate the entire family and to provide a safe place for Tricia to battle her cancer.

One of the Class A motorhomes provided by Bill Plemmons RV World will be used by none other than Ty Pennington. "It was something that we just had to do in helping this family", says Steve Plemmons, Owner. Thousands of people will come through the official site from November 11th through November 18th. The entire community gets involved in helping these people! "It's amazing how a new home gets built in just eight (8) days for a special family-that takes a lot of teamwork and a ton of resources", states Steve. "Taking part in this enormous and generous event is truly an honor".