4 Things To Consider Before Hitting The Road This 4th of July

800px-Fireworks_3Independence Day is one of the biggest camping weekends of the season and it’s no wonder why! From fireworks to hot dogs everyone is in a good mood as they celebrate our great country. Before you head out on the open road this 4th of July, however, you should take a look at these 3 important tips.

Reservations | Did you make reservations at your campground? Because this is the busy season you’ll want to make sure you did or be prepared to arrive at a campground without vacancies or get possibly the worst campground in the park! If you didn’t make reservations you might be better off boondocking or setting up camp in your backyard.

Shopping | Hit the grocery store early to stock up on hot dog buns, relish, cole slaw, and all the other delicious delectables that go with a 4th of July cookout. You avoid crowds, long lines, get the freshest produce, and be the first to make the most out of the holiday sales. This is also a great time of year to get RV accessories at a more affordable price, like folding chairs.

Bring Extra | Bring along extra food and chairs so you can share with others around you or even invite the neighbors over for a treat. You never known when you might need to rely on someone else for help, so it’s always smart to be prepared to help others.

Bring Fireworks | Put on your own fireworks show by purchasing some at your local fireworks stand. Remember to check with your RV park that what you bring is allowed and be aware of other people, their RVs, and their belongings when lighting fireworks. If your campsite is particularly crowded you might want to stick to simple fireworks like sparklers.

Enjoying a great Independence Day isn’t difficult and with a little planning you can make it one to truly remember. How do you plan to celebrate the holiday with your family? Share with us on Facebook or Google+.

Photo Credit: By Bouncey2k (Own work (taken by me)) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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