Discover The Heart of North Carolina at Pisgah National Forest

pisgah-300x182For those who enjoy physical activities Pisgah features bike paths, hiking, fishing, hunting, climbing, and even horseback riding. This is truly an outdoorsman’s paradise. Clean restrooms and a lovely ranger station make the national forest one that merges ancient forests with modern amenities. Although plenty of people enjoy the forest, many animals, including wild boar, black bears, deer, muskrat, bobcat, and red wolf call Pisgah home.

If you’re looking for great hiking and exceptional views, without having to fight the crowds you would find at the Smoky Mountains – The Graveyard, Devils Courthouse and Looking Glass Rock a 3,000 feet climb not for the faint of heart, are all highly recommended by hikers who have all enjoyed this treasure before. Just be sure to take a bottle of water and some snacks so you don’t exhaust yourself. Suffering from exhaustion in the North Carolina wilderness isn’t for the faint of heart!

pisgah2-300x224Sliding rock, a giant rock slide you and the kids can hop on when the weather is warm enough to get wet, will give you the adventure of a lifetime and memories that last forever. Waterfalls can be found tucked around every corner at Pisgah and provide plenty of photo opportunities as well as great places to relax and watch nature. Moore Cove Falls offers a nice hike and a cove hidden behind the veil of the falls, which you can climb behind and watch the outside from the perspective of being behind the falls.

Stop by the wildlife center to check out 1-3 state fish hatcheries. You’ll love seeing how modern technology has helped keep North Carolina’s native fish alive and thriving and how people can play a vital role in the preservation of our national forests and the animals who call it home. You can learn more about how Pisgah, home of the first school of forestry in the U.S., has played an integral role in North Carolina’s preservation effort by viewing the entire educational exhibit in the wildlife center.

Whether you’re looking to climb majestic inclines and test your strength or find the perfect place for bird watching and wildlife photography, the opportunities to enjoy what nature has to offer are everywhere at Pisgah National Forest. Pisgah National Forest offers plenty of opportunities for camping and features dump stations, showers, and much more. Each campground is open during varying parts of the year, while some are open year round.  If you aren’t interested in camping within the beauty of Pisgah, it is located conveniently close to several RV parks, so you can hitch up and go and enjoy the beauty of North Carolina’s forestry and wildlife.

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