How to Select an RV For Off the Grid Camping

17 Time to hikeCamping at RV Parks and Resorts are wonderful, but sometimes your wanderlust may bring you deep into the wilderness. It’s these moments when you’ll want to have an RV that’s designed to accommodate “off the grid” camping which is commonly referred to as Boondocking. Here’s a few tips for when you’re shopping for an RV that will take you out into the wilderness, yet still offer the conveniences of home.

Size matters
Many people select Class C RVs because they can head into secluded back roads with ease compared to a large Class A. The length of the RV will often limit certain back roads you can take. Having a large RV doesn’t mean that you still can’t get lost in the woods, it just means you might have to look harder to find a spot that fits your rig. Using sites like you should be able to find great off the grid spots to enjoy.

FullSizeRender (2)Tanks
To sustain yourself off the grid keep in mind water is typically going to be your biggest issue. Select an RV that has large fresh, gray and black water tanks. Many will have multiple tanks to double your off the grid camping time.

LED lights can be effective in saving the battery on your rig when you’re not plugged into shore power. They also help keep it cool when you’re trying to camp without running your AC in the hot summer days which can be a big energy drain.

FullSizeRender (1)Fueling Station
Toy Haulers are fantastic for bringing the engine activities (4 wheelers, dirt bikes, go carts, etc) you enjoy to your favorite spots. Many are equipped with Fueling stations that work just like a gas pump to refill these toys. However they also work great for refilling your generator when you plan on using it boondocking to have extended energy. When the generator runs low, just use the reserves in the fueling station.

Storage Space
When you’ll be off the grid, you usually aren’t in a position to quickly run to the local supply store. This means you’ll have to bring all the supplies you’ll need for the trip. Toy Haulers are often used for some extra storage but you’ll also want to consider having a unit with large underneath storage. This also includes kitchen storage such as a large pantry to make sure you have enough food for the trip.

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