How to Use Your RV for Quarantine During Covid-19

The coronavirus pandemic has definitely set thousands of Americans on edge, and it’s affected everyone in different ways. You might have even had to cancel or postpone certain vacations in your new or used RV. In the event that you or a loved one comes into exposure to Covid-19, or even tests positive for it, the need to quarantine will be immediate. Here’s how you can use your RV for quarantine during this time.

Clean and Restock It Beforehand

Isolation quarantines typically last for 14 days. If your doctor advises you to isolate at home, clean your RV out thoroughly.

Using RV for Quarantine

Change all linens, disinfect surfaces, and restock the pantry full of dry goods that can be easily heated up for any meal, from instant oatmeal to soups, and coffee and tea. You’ll also want to restock essential disposable supplies such as paper goods. Answer this question: if I can’t leave the RV for two weeks, what do I need inside? Let that be a prep list as you stock the interior. Don’t forget daily medications, toiletries, and charging cables for all your devices. And you’ll want a small supply of disinfectant supplies.

Include Comfort Measures

If you have streaming capabilities, you may very well be able to continue watching your favorite programs while holed up. If not, bring a stash of movies. Books – physical, digital, or audio books – make wonderful companions. Take up a new – or old! – hobby such as working jigsaw puzzles, needlepoint, or some other past time that can fill several hours.

Using RV for Quarantine

Keep a journal if you don’t already and commit to writing in it for 15 minutes each day. We’re living through history, and the things you write down may be quite an insightful gift for future generations.

Using RV for Quarantine

While quarantining in your new or used RV, make sure to follow your doctor’s instructions and seek immediate care if you have any concerns.

Clean, Clean, Clean Afterwards!

Once the coronavirus pandemic is past and you don’t have to use your RV for quarantine, give it a fresh clean – another change on the linens, fully disinfecting surfaces and floors, and throwing the doors and windows open for a fresh airing out. Nobody likes wasting food, but if you have any leftover food that’s partially used, such as chip bags, cracker boxes, etc., it’s best to pitch them.


If your first camping trips will follow shortly, and you need some RV service or repair, contact us. We can help get your new or used RV road-ready after using it for quarantine. From our hearts to yours, we hope you stay healthy and well during this time.

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