It’s Time To Winterize Your RV

As fiery reds, golden oranges, and bright yellows make their appearance this fall you’re likely trying to determine whether you need your RV winterized and if so, by whom. The importance of correctly winterzing your RV cannot be emphasized enough. Many Rvers try to save money by performing the winterization process themselves, only to discover come spring they weren’t quite on target and now have to pay for costly repairs like busted pipes and broken tubing.

Winterization of your RV is really a team effort. It’s best to have your trusted RV service center perform the plumbing work. This includes flushing all water from your plumbing system, draining holding tanks, and pushing nontoxic antifreeze rated at -50 through your plumbing system. This is exactly what our team does as we winterize each RV. Other parts of the winterization process, however, require your care.

One of the most important ways you can take care of your RV and prepare it for the cold winter weather is by completely detailing the inside of it. Remove all food from your RV, even if it is non-perishable. This prevents any unwelcome pests from entering into the RV in search of food. Remove and launder all blankets in the RV. Many pests try to get into RVs during the winter in search of warmth and shelter. Removing any blankets helps ensure you don’t provide incentive for any creatures to enter.

Our team recommends checking all sealants around your RV to make sure there aren’t any openings for pests and moisture to enter your RV during storage. Even the smallest opening can create an opportunity for water or pests, which can lead to expensive damage to your RV.

As you wrap up cleaning the interior of your RV take the time to also detail the exterior. If dirt and grime are give the opportunity to stick to the outside of your RV during the winter, they can form a strong bond and even ruin your RV’s paint job.

Caring for your RV means you’ll extend its life and be able to enjoy it for each camping season. Schedule your appointment for winterization from our expert RV service team today so you can rest confident your RV is protected throughout winter. We’re offering winterization of fifth wheels, travel trailers, pop-ups and slides ins for $19.95 excluding antifreeze, while Class A and C motorhomes are only $29.95 (excluding antifreeze).


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