Nissan N6 Active by Roadtrek


Truly in a class of it’s own, the newest addition to the Roadtrek family is the Nissan N6. It’s basically a new, modern version of the van conversion that you would never be embarrassed to drive. It’s and SUV with a refrigerator, sink, microwave and shower. It’s a mini van that can tow 9,000lbs and it gets up to 18 MPG.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         


 The most obvious feature is of course the popped top. This provides a sleeping space that no other van conversion ever has. Plenty of space and still very cozy. Talk about using your space efficiantly. It has zip out windows in the canvas and for all you who immidiatly imagine someone driving off with the top up, there is a safety feature that keeps the transmission in park unless the top is down. 




  • 5-speed automatic
  • Wide-range gear ratios for improved acceleration and fuel efficiency.
  • In-tank transmission and external air coolers to keep gears from seizing.
  • Low-maintenance design.



Roomy and Modern. The N6 is designed to do it all. Whether you are relaxing, eating on the go or watching a movie with the kids, the N6 delievers with modern amenities. Not to mention it has plenty of storage space.





Here is the overhead view of the floorplan. 


All and all the Roadtrek N6 is light years ahead of similar vehicles. You have the both an RV and an SUV that you could easily drive everyday if needed, it is the best of both worlds. Also, because the N6-Active meets the definition of an RV, the interest incurred to finance its purchase can be tax deductible as a second residence. As a result, the after-tax cost of ownership is less than comparably priced vehicles.


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