How To Pack The Perfect Picnic Basket


So you’ve arrived at your RV destination and are now ready to pack a picnic and head out on the trails or into a lovely meadow to enjoy a delicious meal with your family. Packing the perfect picnic isn’t easy. In fact, it’s a downright art! Check out our tips on how to pack the perfect picnic. You might even put this to use tomorrow when you head out to watch the fireworks.

Tip 1: Purchase an Insulated Basket

Insulated picnic baskets will keep you cold food cold and your hot food hot. Thing stinks more than looking forward to a delicious meal only to discover your cold cuts turned into warm cuts or your fresh soup into a cold mess. Save yourself the bother and just buy insulated. As a bonus these baskets tend to last a long time, so you can look at them as long term investments.

Tip 2: Secure Your Blanket

Some picnic baskets come with a security latch on the outside that allows you to attach your blanket without hassle. If your basket doesn’t include one you can fix that by rolling your blanket into a “log” shape, securing with any type of tie- a zip tie, bungee cord, whatever you’ve got – and then attaching to your basket using a bungee cord.

Tip 3: Heaviest Items on Bottom

Pack your heaviest or firm items on the bottom of the basket. This includes cheese blocks and lunch meat. Once those are in you can layer veggies. The lightest and most fragile items like bread and chips should be place on top of everything.

Tip 4: Use Ice Packs 

Although your cooler is insulated, you’ll still want to use ice packs to keep your food from spoiling. This is particularly important when you’re hiking, because you won’t be able to head back to the RV and put the food back in the fridge. Tuck ice packs in small corners and near the meat and cheese to keep it cool and avoid having to throw food away.

Tip 5: Plan Food Wisely

The perfect picnic will always include a main course, dessert, and a side dish. Plan accordingly and make sure you bring along proper utensils to enjoy. You wouldn’t want to try eating soup with a fork or a salad with a spoon!

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Photo Credit: By Andreas Duess from Toronto, Canada (Flickr) [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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