Puma XLE Review: The Best Bunk House RVs for Families

What’s the best bunk house RV for a family? Don’t look any further than this Palomino Puma XLE review. The Puma XLE travel trailer comes in a variety of floor plans so that you can easily accommodate sleeping space for everyone no matter your family size! Read more below.

Puma XLE

I personally have six siblings, and five children of my own. So when we camp, sleeping space for everyone is a top priority. I love bunk house RVs because it makes it easier to accommodate beds for everyone. After all, if we wanted to sleep on the floor, we’d camp in a tent! Let me show you a few of the different bunk house options in the Palomino Puma XLE series so you can pick the one that’s best for your family.

Sleep 3 to 10 People Easily in the Puma XLE

The minimum our Puma XLE travel trailers for sale sleep is 3, but we have several floorplans which sleep up to 10 people. Depending on your needs, choose from some of the following sleeping arrangements:
• Queen bed
• Sofa sleeper
• Convertible dinette
• Twin bunks
• Double bunks
• Single bunk with double sofa below
…or any combination of the above!

A Variety of Bunk House Arrangements

The sky is nearly the limit when choosing a Puma XLE floor plan for your family, and bunk house RVs make excellent use of the available space. Need a Puma XLE on the smaller side? Check out the Puma XLE travel trailers for sale that sleep 2-6 people.

Puma XLE

Single bunks or a single bunk with a sofa below allow you to pair storage drawers or even a HDTV so that everyone can enjoy their own down time in the afternoon or evening.

Puma XLE

Have at least six people in your family? You can browse the Puma XLE travel trailers for sale that sleep 6-8 people here.

Puma XLE

Sofa sleepers and convertible dinettes are perfect options that provide up to four extra beds for those traveling with you or even simply overnight guests. And the primary bedroom always includes a Queen bed.

Puma XLE

If you’re traveling with all the kids and grandkids, there’s a Puma XLE for that. Find out more about Puma XLE travel trailers for sale that sleep 9 or more people here.

The Best Bunk House RV for Your Family

What are your particular needs? Families aren’t one size fits all, so your bunk house RV shouldn’t be, either. Our Puma XLE travel trailers for sale have so many different floor plans that you don’t have to settle for anything but the perfect fit. Contact us today to take a look at the different Puma XLE travel trailers in our inventory so you can pick out the best bunk house RV for your family!

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