RV Adventure: Race Car Camping

Camping at the Races (23)Have you ever wanted to go tailgating or stay out late at the races, just to realize you had a long drive home afterwards? If you’re a Racefan looking for the ultimate racing experience, it’s time to go Race Car Camping!

Sometimes Raceways have designated RV Sites with hookups that allow you to watch the races from your RV, but most offer FREE Boondocking for a fun filled weekend of speed!

The memories that are created around racing stick with you forever. Kids are often in Camping at the Races (32)awe at the experience. It doesn’t have to be a Nascar Race, local dirt tracks are equally as great and sometimes better because you have so many opportunities to do additional things with the racers. They’re also usually very inexpensive.

Toy Haulers are the perfect way to tailgate! You don’t have to worry about packing a cooler or using a porta-potty, you have your fridge along with all the other conveniences of home.Camping at the Races (7)

Sometimes the racers will even stop by and visit your RV.

Camping at the Races (12)

Pit passes allow race fans the opportunity to see what goes on behind the scenes. You can meet the racers, the pit crew, and see the cars up close. You’ll even notice that a lot of the racers and their crew make a weekend of the event and camp in their campers as well.

Camping at the Races (14)Camping at the Races (17)

There’s a huge variety of types of race cars to enjoy. Sprint cars are some of the most exciting as they’re extremely fast and agile for dirt track racing. They’re also small enough to fit into many toy haulers, what do you think you’re friends would say if you showed up to the campground with one of these in the back?

Camping at the Races (20)A big thumbs up to bringing the kids out for a weekend of racing!

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What are you waiting for? Start planning your Race Car Camping adventure today. If you need the perfect RV to enjoy the experience, we would love to help you with that. Check out our online inventory and give us a call with any questions you have.

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