RV Tips to Help You Save Money and Frustration

Many people dream of RVing, whether it’s spending long summers with their kiddos before school starts, or making the most of their retirement years and enjoying different destinations year round in the climates they love. Here are some RV tips that can help guide your RV buying decisions so that you can enjoy the fantastic vacations you’ve always wanted. These RV tips can help keep you from spending too much on an RV, being unprepared for maintenance, or other unexpected frustrations. Start your journey at Bill Plemmons RV today!

RV Tips

Consider Buying Used, or Watch for Sales

Don’t rush yourself into an RV purchase. That’s one quick way to spend way too much! Take your time when exploring new and used RVs for sale.

Buying a pre-owned RV is a great option if you’re wanting to spend less on an RV in fantastic condition. We take pride in our pre-owned RVs for sale and won’t sell a junky RV. Oftentimes, the pre-owned RVs we have for sale are from prior owners just needing something else or a different model, perhaps as their own family’s needs shift over time.

We also offer fantastic deals on new RVs for sale! Right now, you can still take advantage of our model year clear-out and purchase a brand new 2019 RV at a rock bottom price. We’re making room for our 2020 models, and our 2019s have to go! Taking advantage of sales like this is one way to pocket significant savings.

Model Year Closeout Sale

Test Drive, Test Drive, Test Drive

We can’t emphasize this one enough: test drive your RV, and test drive it plenty of times. Towing an RV is very different from driving your regular car or truck, or even towing a small trailer. When you give yourself plenty of time to take test drives, you’re doing yourself a favor in familiarizing yourself with the towing, handling, and maneuvering.

Schedule and Budget for Routine Service Checks

Like anything else you drive, RVs should have routine maintenance to keep them in excellent shape. Our factory trained and certified RV technicians provide a multitude of RV service and repair, and we can assist you in scheduling your routine service checks.  Contact our service department today to schedule a service or ask any questions.
If you’re ready to start shopping for a new or used RV, we’re ready to help, so contact us today!

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