Tech Gear for RVers

Most RVs come pretty equipped with cool technology and gadgets. But some things will make life easier or just plain more fun! Here are our tech gear tips for RVers.

A Sound bar

Sound bars are an inexpensive and light way to turn your RV into an audio paradise. They are a great way to upgrade your TV speakers without replacing your TV. (note, the picture below has the sound bar at the top and the weather monitoring above the fireplace)DSC_0010

Weather Monitoring System

If you’re heading out camping there is a good chance that you’ll be out in the elements. Rather than be out hiking, boating, etc and get stuck in a storm, a weather monitoring system will help you predict what the weather is going to be like. Most people use a phone app to check the weather but if you’re in a cell phone challenged area that won’t work. Another key benefit is they monitor multiple areas, the area where the base unit is and where the remote(s) is/are located. This can be neat to know the exact outside temperature but also practical. If you have a separate room such as a toy hauler you can know what the temp is in that room. If you’re concerned about something getting too hot or too cold you may want to put the remote in that area to monitor so you can make any changes if needed. This can be great for cold weather camping to monitor areas from freezing.DSC_0013


Have you ever had a great experience and
would have loved to show friends and family but didn’t have the equipment to capture it. Most cameras aren’t waterproof, durable or small so they don’t make sense if you’re doing any type of adventure activities. With many different models out, you can capture high quality footage with any budget. Now you’ll be able to look back at your camping memories forever.verizon-mhs291lvw-jetpack2


Although many campgrounds are installing boosters for their free wifi it’s not universally reliable. With digital technology on the rise there are inexpensive solutions to have your Wifi with you when you camp. Verizon has the best overall cell phone coverage in the country with AT&T  a close second. Which is smart to go with them if you’re going to be traveling the country. If you typically camp in the same general area and know which carrier is strongest in that region go with that carrier.

wilson-sleekCell Phone Booster

The further out you get, the less likely you’ll have cell phone service. This is important if you’re going to be camping for awhile and need to check in with work, friends or family. Most importantly if there is an emergency you can call for help. Another great benefit to cell phone boosters is if you have a wifi jetpack they rely on the cell phone signal and you can significantly boost your servcie. Many remote workers enjoy this because they can work their normal work week while being completely secluded in the wilderness.DSC_0015

Plug in Night Light

This isn’t just for kids. If someone has to get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, rather than turning on bright lights and potentially waking other people up use a dim night light in the areas needed to guide you. These use very little electicity and are a great solution to keeping some ambient light without the use of your bright RV lights.

DSC_0014_edited-1Space Heater

A space heater is a great way to control the temperature of the room you’re in without spending the energy to heat the entire RV or if it’s a smaller RV rather than using the RV heating unit. When you go to sleep in the bedroom plug in one of these and if you keep the door shut it will keep you nice and toasty.

These tech gadgets will enhance your camping experience. Did we miss anything? Share your comments below if there is anything you would add.

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