The Best Way to Prevent an RV Breakdown

Everybody loves camping until the RV breaks down. 30% of RVs will need work by the 2nd year. How can you avoid being part of this demographic? Here’s a list of the most common breakdowns and how to avoid them.

The Engine

Engine trouble is the most common RV repair. DSC_0008
The interesting thing is that most of the issues aren’t big failures. They are from small issues that have been neglected that turn into larger issues. Some of the most common issues are incompatible coolants, a filter that needs to be changed, and even putting in the wrong type of fuel. Get to know your vehicle and create a cheat sheet email for common maintenance references.

User Error

DSC_0296_tonemappedInsurance companies claim that the number one mistake RVers make is from hitting the gas pump. Most don’t take into consideration their back swing. Get familiar with how your RV turns and always utilize someone to guide you if you aren’t sure. Other common mistakes are branches, signs and bridges.


Batteries need to be maintained and can’t DSC_0991be neglected. If you’re parked at an RV Park for more than two weeks run your engine for an hour or so to keep the engine battery charged. When you’re plugged into shore power the RV battery should be charging.

Overloading the Power Source

You won’t want to run all of your appliances at once or you’re trip the breaker. The AC units often draw the most pull so while running the AC you may not want to run the microwave, coffee makers, or hair dryers.


Tire blowouts are a major scare for RVers. Most of the time they can be prevented. Use tire covers and check your tire pressure each time you are going to hit the open road.

The best way to make sure you avoid issues with your RV is to know and inspect it regularly.

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