Tips on Cleaning the Inside of Your RV

When you are RVing you are small space living. When you are living in a small space a little bit of clutter makes a bigger difference than a little bit of clutter in a big space. Studies show that having a clean living space reduces stress and adds to your overall health.

There are two major reasons people deep clean their RVs at the end of the summer:

  1. School starts and people park their RV for the Winter
  2. Snowbirds get ready to head down South

Create a Checklist


Checklists are great for consistency. They also allow you to reduce missing areas that need to be frequently cleaned. Some people have lists for frequent cleaning and other lists for annual or semi-annual cleaning.

Get into a Routine

Routines allow you to get into the groove Cleaning-supplies-1al6xdrand get things done quickly. Keep things like cleaning products in the same spot everytime, clean in the same order each time, etc.

Start at the Top

You wouldn’t want to mop the floor and then dust the bunnies in your ceiling vents. Make sure you wait in between each level of your RV for the dust to settle on the layer below.

Remember It’s an Investment

Money-Saving-590x426If you ever plan on selling your RV you’ll get a lot more for it if it’s kept in great shape. If you skip on the cleaning you’ll pay when you sell.

Don’t forget the Small Stuff

It’s easy to get the big things done like the floor, kitchen ¬†counters, etc. What about the vents, pipes, molding around the doors? These are the areas easily missed that you’ll want to make sure you clean.

Utilize these tips and you’ll be enjoying stress free vacations along with keeping the value of your RV high.

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