Why Everyone Should Yamp

Yamping is a fancy term for Yard Camping. Many times heading out in your RV or Travel Trailer doesn’t mean getting lost into the wilderness. People use their RVs for camping, events, and business. When you Yamp there are a few things you want to consider:

  • Will you be staying in the RV or heading into their guest room
  • Is parking on the street allowed? Should you park in the driveway or yard? If they don’t have hookups (and most won’t) will you need to run the generator and are there any noise concerns with the generator
  • Will your use of the fridge or water heater require propane
  • What activities will you be doing? Do you need to pack things like corn hole or a fire pit

There are so many reasons to go Yamping either for adventure or practicality. Here are just a few:Have you been Yamping (yard camping)

To visit Friends or Family

Often in life we get busy with our daily lives and lose connect with people we’ve known for years. Online tools like Facebook has allowed us to stay in touch and follow our friends but it doesn’t replace visiting them at their home, sitting down and catching up in person. There’s a few things to keep in mind when planning a trip to your friends via the RV.

IMG_1084Staying at a Business

You may work with or for a company that has other locations outside of your normal area. Rather than taking a flight out, renting a car, getting a hotel room you may want to consider turning it into a camping trip and boondocking in the parking lot or yard/field.

DSC_0063_tonemapped_edited-1Going to an Event

Concerts, races, fairs, apple festivals, etc are a lot of fun. It’s not so much fun to have to drive home after a long day of fun, or even having to leave to head back to your hotel. Many people would rather pull up, park and have the amenities of home right their at the venue.Fox Lake (91)_tonemapped

Testing out the RV

We highly recommend to anyone who is heading out camping in their RV or Travel Trailer for the first time of the season to go Yamping in their yard first to make sure that there are no issues needing addressed. It would put a big damper on your adventure if you traveled across the state and got nestled into your campground just to find out that a major component of your unit isn’t working correctly. Often it would be the weekend or even a holiday weekend where the local service department can’t come to the rescue. If you Yamp a few weeks before the big trip, test all your components and if something isn’t working properly you’ll have time to bring it in for us to service it.


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