Why the iPhone 7 is Great for RVers

We all know that RVers love nature as well as a little technology in their lives, after all they are camping in an RV instead of a regular tent.  Our love of technology is perfectly displayed by our relationship with our phones.  It’s one of the best and most useful tools to have on hand when RVing.  It’s a navigator, camera, stereo, computer all compacted into one device that can fit in your pocket.  So the question is, which of these smartphones is currently the best on the market for RVers?   Well, Apple may be able to answer that question…


After Apple’s big keynote event in the beginning of September, the internet went a buzz with debate over the latest iPhone.  After the presentation however, one thing was clear, the iPhone 7 is the greatest phone that Apple has released thus far.  One of the biggest draws of the iPhone 7, and generally Apple itself, is it’s meant to enhance your everyday life, including your everyday RV life.  Using this pocket sized tool is meant to make everyday tasks a little easier, it’s meant to provide small functions to turn a good day into a great day.  We’ll go more into detail, but to quickly give you an overview, the iPhone 7 has a faster processor, incredible camera, is water and dust resistant, and now includes stereo sound.

Phone or Computer? 

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So most people are attracted to the iPhone’s (slightly) new look, with it’s newly introduced black colors and it’s now hidden antenna line.  However, what’s most impressive is what’s on the inside.  Apple has placed it’s new A10 processor inside which makes your phone that much faster while simultaneously reduces the amount of energy drained from your battery.  It’s incredible and the best of both worlds!  This new feature is great for today’s mobile entrepreneurs, managing your business on the road has never been easier for the location independent worker than it is now.  Check emails, create spreadsheets, documents, presentations, videos, all done in the palm of your hand at lightning fast speed.  Additionally, the iPhone 7 finally removes the 16GB option, and gives you the choices of a 32, 128, and 256GB phone.  Finally, you won’t have to worry about getting the “Storage Almost Full” notification every time you pick your phone up.  Store all the documents, photos, apps and videos you like on these devices.  With a new and innovative processor and more storage this iPhone is practically a computer!

Capture your Favorite RV Memoriespio-pico-34

More good news for RVers, the iPhone 7’s camera is amazing and the pictures on it look incredible.  The iPhone 7 comes with a 12MP rear facing camera and an upgraded 7MP front facing camera, this means higher quality selfies.  Additionally, the 7 Plus has a dual lens with the second lens being a telephoto lens, perfect for portrait photos.  This also allows users to seamlessly go from a 1x zoom to a 10x zoom!  And now that the iPhone registers and displays more vibrant colors, the beautiful landscapes you capture while on the road will look even more realistic.

Tougher than it Looks

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A tougher iPhone is just what the modern RVer needs nowadays to suit their rugged lifestyle.  The iPhone 7 can tag along with you on almost any adventure now.  Since the 7 is water resistant, it can endure your rainy days and can also be handy on those warm summer days by the river.   No longer will you have to fret over getting a few splashes on your phone.  On top of that it’s also dust resistant, and we all know how dusty some of those campsites can be.  So this phone is perfect to have at your side while not having to worry about it getting ruined by your surroundings.

Campfire Jam

200501866-001Last, but definitely not least, one of the iPhone 7’s new features is perfect to help any RVer unwind after a long day.  Imagine you, the family, friends are all gathered around a roaring campfire, listening to some sweet tunes booming from your… iPhone?  That’s right, the new iPhone now has real stereo sound to enhance your listening experience.  So jam out all you want around the campfire, of course before quiet hours!

What do you think? Is the iPhone 7 just the smartphone for you on the road?  What features do you wish Apple included to improve your experience as an RVer?

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