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Priority RV Road Care Insurance


Customer Testimonial:

We have decided to purchase our RV insurance from you. From the quote sheet that you provided, State Farm couldn't even come close to matching what your insurance agency, the Priority Insurance Agency provides.

We are very excited about the new RV and can't wait to hit on the road, now that we have the best insurance package backing us up.

Tom & Fran

Extensive Physical Damage Protection Coverage against sudden and accidental loss due to a collision, fire, windstorm, landslide, vandalism and other perils.

Total Loss Coverage that Counts

All policies offer at least one of the following options, all of which can come in handy in a total loss:

Total Loss Replacement Coverage. This optional coverage replaces your RV if it is damaged beyond repair. It's protection against depreciation.
Outstanding Loan Balance Coverage. When a RV is protected for its actual cash value, a claim settlement for a total loss sometimes isn't enough to pay off an outstanding loan. This optional coverage ensures you're not ledt with a loan to pay and no RV to show for it.

Agreed Value We will work with you to determine how much your RV is worth, and insure it for that amount. If you suffer a total loss, you'll be reimbursed for that agreed amount - no depreciation!

Diminishing Deductible This elective coverage lowers your deductible each year you remain-free. Be a safe driver and within a few years you can have a zero deductible!

Personal Effects Coverage Motor home owners can protect their personal belongings with either actual cash value or replacement cost coverage.

Roadside Assistance You won't need a seperate service plan when you add this optional coverage to your ploicy. Whether your RV breaks down, you run out of gas, or you simply lock yourself out, call the toll-free number for assistance.

Emergency Expense Optional protection that pays your temporary housing expenses, plus the cost to get you - and your RV - back home.

Vacation Liability Provides premises liability coverage while parked at a campsite or RV park.

Full-timers Coverage We can provide liability protection, similar to a homeowners' policy.

Tow Dolly Coverage Full coverage policies automatically receive up to $2,000 in coverage. You can also purchase additional protection if your trailer is valued over $2,000.

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