DIY RV Glamping Tips

When it comes to camping, glamping is the idea of having your cake and eating it too. You get the joys of the wilderness but with life’s luxuries. You can hike the trails in your boots and then come back to fluffy slippers and sip red wine at the fireplace.


Glamping also offers a great compromise for couples where maybe one person likes the outdoors but the other can’t stand the thought of heading out into the wilderness. It gives people the option to see National Parks and beautiful scenery but still grants them the ability to have their fresh coffee, hot showers, comfortable beds, gourmet foods, clean clothes, etc.


There are resorts that offer glamping experiences but come with a hefty price tag. For the “normal” RVer with just a few DIY changes you can go glamping on your own in your RV.

DIY RV Glamping Tips:

  • Buy a new RV that comes with the latest features and technology.
  • Upgrade to a memory foam mattress with a memory foam mattress pad.
  • Use sheets, comforters and pillows rather than sleeping bags.
  • Forget sitting on picnic tables, bring cushion infused chairs.
  • No more cheap beer or boxed wine. Bring a nice bottle of red wine, preferably one that you picked up while visiting a winery on your RV Adventure.
  • Rope lights are a fancy way to light up the exterior of your campsite.
  • Buy fresh food at a local farmers market and cook a feast rather than heating up hot pockets.
  • Get an RV with a fireplace rather than having to sit outside by the campfire.
  • Upgrade a washer and dryer unit rather than heading to the laundromat
  • Use a phone to TV converter so you bring all your favorite shows on Hulu, Netflix, etc where ever there is cell phone service.
  • Get fashionable mats for the floors to add color and style.
  • Visit RV Resorts with amenities rather than boondocking.
  • Use organizers to avoid clutter and free up space in the RV.
  • Candles add a sense of style and elegance in addition to smelling great.
  • Bring a coffee maker with your favorite creamer rather than using instant coffee.

Who says camping can’t be luxurious! What tips would you add to this list?

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