Top Winter Camping Tips to Ensure a Great Cold Weather Outing

If you’re itching to travel – and we don’t blame you! – get a head start on 2021 and hit the road now! Dewinterize your RV (we offered some great RV dewinterization tips in our last post) and get going on some late winter camping trips. Here are a couple of winter camping tips to keep in mind!

Check the Climate – and Pack for It

Make sure to check the forecast of where you’re headed. This may seem like common sense, but knowing where you’re going and what the weather will be like should influence how you pack.

Winter Camping Tips

Some winter climates are mild enough that you can simply pack and dress in layers, while others need heavier outdoor clothing. You won’t regret packing extra socks, gloves, hats, and base layers, regardless of which climate you’re headed to!

Check The Exterior

Most RVs are equipped with all-weather insulation packages, so you can stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer. If you notice anything that gives you pause as you’re dewinterizing – cracks and leaks in the roof and seals, etc. – contact us right away to schedule some RV service before you hit the road.

Prep The Interior

Also, consider your flooring in your RV. If the flooring in your new or used RV is linoleum or vinyl, you may want to grab a couple of throw/area rugs or a space heater for the bedroom.

Winter Camping Tips


You’ll feel comfy and toasty being able to relax in your RV with socks and slippers! Utilize your RV’s underbed storage to stash extra blankets for the beds or even some throw blankets for your sofa.

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Keep a stash of hot cocoa mix in your RV’s pantry to have ready when you come in from a cold day outside and want to gather around your RV’s living room fireplace. Finally, make sure you have an all-weather emergency kit handy, that includes a solar charger for your phone and devices and reusable heating packs. It’s just a small way to give yourself some extra peace of mind when traveling during any months when the weather can be harsh.

We’d love to take care of your RV service needs before you get on the road, or help you pick the perfect new or used RV that includes the storage and amenities you need for traveling in any season. Contact us today!

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