Lose the Weight: RV Tips for Lightweight Camping

When you’re packing your new or used RV for your camping trips, you’re probably very aware of the weight. After all, your vehicle has a towing capacity (check out our tow guides here) that shouldn’t be exceeded if you’re wanting to travel safely. Here are some RV tips for lightweight camping and shaving pounds off of what you’re packing.


Water weighs. And it weighs a lot! Take a look at your pantry space in your RV. One way you can cut down on the food weight is to go with dehydrated foods. It not only saves you on weight, but dehydrated and freeze dried foods take up considerably less space and as an added perk, are more shelf stable and require less refrigeration in their dry state (or none at all). When you’re ready to use them, rehydrate with water and you’re good to go!

Lightweight Camping

Dehydrated or freeze dried fruits make great snacks, and you can even get dehydrated or freeze dried meats, vegetables and powdered drinks.
Run an internet search for dehydrated and freeze dried foods for camping to get started.


Quick dry towels weigh less than their fluffy counterparts! Search for shammy/chamois towels to pack along. You’ll also appreciate recovering the space in your RV’s bathroom with something that takes up considerably less space!


Lightweight doesn’t necessarily mean ineffective when it comes to blankets! Search for lightweight outdoors blankets and invest in blankets for your new or used RV’s Master suite, sofa sleeper, or bunkhouse. You’ll stay warm and toasty as well as reduce the weight in your RV by not using regular blankets.

Laundry & Cleaning

This one is pretty simple: liquid soap weighs a lot, and so does powdered detergent. Make the swap for laundry detergent tabs, (don’t eat the Tide Pods), dishwashing tablets (if your RV has a dishwasher), and shampoo bars to cut down on wasted space and weight.

Lightweight Camping


Similarly to blankets, lightweight fabric doesn’t mean “cold.” Quality clothing made specifically for camping and outdoor fun can be lightweight and keep you extremely warm. It may come with a higher price tag, but for the quality, weight, and packability, you won’t regret it!

Lightweight Camping


It’s always smart to take an inventory of your camping gear to check for damage or if anything needs to be replaced or upgraded. But while you’re at it, make those replacements with items that include features like lightweight aluminum frames and fabrics for backpacks and camp chairs, and even hammocks.
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