Here’s Why You Should Make Plans for RV Travel in 2020

Do you remember a stranger year of your life?! This year has been full of crazy and unprecedented changes from day to day. While many people are canceling their travel plans, we think that 2020 will see an increase in RV travel like never before – and this Forbes article agrees. Here’s why you may want to join the RVing life if you haven’t already.

RV Tips

Reconnect to What Matters

Spend time with your family and with nature and enjoy reconnecting to these relationships and use RV travel in 2020 to do so! With conventional vacation destinations like theme parks, beaches, and sports arenas closed for the season, take advantage of it and head outside! Reconnecting to nature can be deeply relaxing and peaceful. Be intentional and purposeful with the time you spend with your family. A vacation in your new or used RV can save you thousands on what you would have spent on other vacations, while providing quality time with what matters most.

Practice Social Distancing Easily

When you sleep in a hotel, use a rental car or fly in an airplane, or even go out to eat, you’re using beds, chairs, tables, and more that many people have used immediately before you. They may be cleaned before you used them, but you’re not guaranteed that they’ll be sanitized. When you vacation in a new or used RV, you’re using YOUR things: your bed, your vehicle, and your personal items. RV travel in 2020 practically eliminates exposure to a crowd!


Feel Some Measure of Control Again

There are many things about Covid-19 that have been unsettling for our country, and among those things is the feeling of helplessness, like you can’t control any of this. But vacationing in an RV gives you some measure of control again. You can still travel, and safely. You can still spend time with your family. You can still take a vacation and see places you’ve never seen before. In a social climate that’s been full of “You can’t do that” in recent months, RV travel in 2020 is a way to safely say, “You can…


We think it’s time for some good news, so instead of canceling all of your travel plans for this year, why not say it’s time for the adventure to begin – and start making new plans! Contact us. We can help you get started on your RV travel plans in a new or used RV!

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