Keeping Cool without the AC

With the summer winding down, the sweltering heat is cooling off also. Although many RVers are still running their AC during the day. To avoid being AC dependant, here are some tips on keeping cool without the AC.

  • Switch to LED lights

Many of the new RVs are coming standard with LED. If you have Halogen lights they will cause a big difference in the heat that is put out.

  • Park Smart

Fox Lake (38)If you park under the shade of a tree and block the solar energy from hitting your RV it will dramatically effect the temperature inside. If you can’t park near the shade of a tree park where your awning will block the sun from hitting the side of the RV during the warmest part of the day.

  • Keep the Shades Down

Large windows will transfer heat to the inside of your RV. Keep the shades down when the sun is directly hitting a window.

  • Keep it Moving

Your goal is to pump warm air out and bring fresh air in. One way to achieve this is to open the windows on the shaded side and keeping them closed on the sunny side. When the air is stale it feels hot. Conversely when the air is moving around it feels cool to the skin. Ceiling vent fans work great for transferring out the warm air.

  • DSC_0093Avoid Cooking Inside the RV

Plan meals during the warm times of the day where you either don’t have to cook or you can cook outside. Cooking in such a small space heats up the living space quickly.

  • Cover the Skylight in the Shower

Skylights are beautiful and make the bathroom light up. They also allow a lot of heat in through this large exposed area. One method is using Velcro tape to cover it up so light isn’t allowed through during the warm parts of the day.

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