RV Travel During The Holidays: 5 Festive Tips

Happy Holidays From Bill PlemmonsSpending Christmas or New Years in your RV is a great way to enjoy the holiday season. Take advantage of the time off from work or school by doing what you love, camping in your RV! During the holiday season there are many special opportunities to make your RV travel adventure special. Here are 5 tips on making this RV Christmas trip extra fun and festive.

Deck The Halls

Get creative by transforming your RV into a winter wonderland! There are plenty of fun ways to decorate your trailer or motorhome to show your holiday spirit. Use your patio awning to hang icicle lights or ornaments. Your motorhome dash also makes an ideal spot for a small Christmas tree or nativity scene.

RV Travel ChristmasDiscover A New Destination

There plenty of fun holiday destinations that hold special Christmas events or light displays you won’t want to miss.

If you have a camper with a heated and enclosed underbelly, you can even consider a cold weather camping destination. Make sure you properly winterize your RV and pack extra items to keep you cozy.

Pro tip: If your RV is equipped with an electric fireplace, make sure it is set to radiate warmth. This will help conserve your propane and allow your furnace to run more efficiently.

RV Christmas CookiesFavorite Holiday Meals

Use your fully equipped RV kitchen to create your family’s favorite holiday meals! Some helpful RV cooking tips include cutting a turkey into smaller pieces to cut down on cooking time. Use a counter top slow cooker to free up space on your range. Consider using the outside grill to add a delicious campground smoked flavor to meats and veggies.

For dessert, nothing beats holiday cookies baked fresh out of your RV oven. Fill up the camper with the warm scent of holiday spices.

Holiday Games

Spend some quality family time playing indoor or outdoor games that everyone will enjoy. Many games can be adapted to include a special holiday theme. Your cornhole board can be covered in Christmas wrapping paper. Buy a special deck of holiday cards to play rummy or go fish (go reindeer).

Make gift giving into a game as well! White elephant, secret santa and hot potato gift exchanges are fun and add an extra element of surprise that will keep everyone laughing.

Make New Friends

Don’t be afraid to say “Hi” to your neighbors at the campground. You never know who you’ll meet and what stories they have to share of their RV travel adventures.

Most of all, be safe, have fun and enjoy all the gifts this special season has to offer!

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