The 3 Best Apps for RV Travel Efficiency

Road Trips mean fun and adventure. They also can mean long trips on the highway. Although you may not want to spend your time rushing to a destination, you don’t want to spend your time wasted by taking long stops at a gas station. Many people find that they look up on the GPS of their phone how long a route “should” take them, but they often are thrown off when they miss deadlines and show up late to their destination. Often resulting in leaving people waiting or even getting too groggy to continue and having to park for the night.

To avoid this we’ve realized that there is a better way. Technology has advanced the way we travel so that we can maximize efficiency in our stops and help us get to our camping destination on time.


If you don’t have a strategy for making sure that you are quick in and quick out you’ll realize that time creeps up on you. Here are our top 3 apps that we use to maximize our RV Travel Efficiency.


There are primarily three apps that we use when we travel to make sure we can stop efficiently and fuel up as inexpensive as possible.

  • Gas Buddy

Gas prices are fairly low right now,how-to-save-money-on-gas-autonan-com but that doesn’t mean you can’t save a little extra money by heading to the right spot. You’ve probably seen gas stations across the road from each other with very different pricing. This is all too common. Gas Buddy shows you the cheapest gas in order of price.

  • Rest Stops

Rest Stops is a great app for stopping in real quick to use the restroom, stretch your legs or walk your dog. Often when you are on the freeway a quick stop is all you need but trying to locate a gas station can be a hassle. Many times you won’t find a gas station near the freeway but rest stops can be a fast way to handle your business and get back onto the road.

  • Truck Stop

If you are in a large Class A or 5thDSC_0296_tonemapped Wheel you probably avoid gas stations like the plague. Insurance companies say that the most common claim by RVers happens at the gas pump. It’s usually from trying to squeeze in too tight or not having enough room to pull straight through and the back swing hits the pump. Avoid this by using truck stops. They usually have good food and clean bathrooms. This way you can pull in and fill up safely to get you back on the freeway.

Now download these free apps and plan your next camping adventure!

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