Why Fall is the Best Time to RV

“Chasing the Foliage” is becoming a popular event. In fact, most RVers will tell you autumn is the best time to go camping. The beauty of this season is unrivaled in many parts of the country. But that’s just part of the benefits of RVing in the fall. Before you winterize or head south for the season you might want to schedule one last camping trip for these reasons. – note: all of these photos were taken on Fall RV Trips.

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The Foliage

This is the big draw for a lot of people. The colors can be breathtaking. With the technology available to give us the exact peak days in the area, you can plan your trips around these peak moments. For some people just driving through scenic roads full of color is enough for them. For others, they want to be immersed deep into the golden woods in an RV.


Getting high up is a fantastic way to get a panoramic view of the landscape. It also gives you a unique and grand perspective of the colors of the woods. Many State Parks have old fire towers that allow you to hike up to the top.



After viewing the terrain from above it’s time to get down low and hike through the beautiful forest. The change from up above to down below looking up above is a completely different experience. Find your trail, and get your hike on.


Don’t forget to look up. Sometimes the best foliage is straight above while the morning or evening sun hits the tree tops.


No Bugs

Does anyone else hate the sound of bugs trying to get into your tent? Luckily in an RV you get away from the sound of bugs constantly coming after you. In the fall you can hike your favorite trails, relax in the evenings on your RV Deck, or hang out watching the stars without getting eaten alive.


DSC_0563_tonemappedOften in the “Bug Season” those little buggers can be found in swarms around the water. Hiking along the river deep into a forest wouldn’t be nearly as enjoyable in other times of the year.

Cool Weather

When the weather cools FullSizeRender (3)down many active RVers dive into hobbies like hiking and biking that can be too hot often while summer camping. Waking up with the crisp autumn air, have a warm cup of coffee and go for a scenic hike through the foliage.

Make sure you wear layers. The morning chill is often contrasted by a nice warmth in the midday. It’s also warm enough in the evenings to huddle around a campfire for some smores.


Less Crowds

Less crowds typically means reduced prices and more money SAVED! But it also means less lines, cleaner bathrooms, less interruptions and a better experience.


DSC_0583_tonemappedYou can take a trail and often never see another person the entire hike. It can feel like you have an entire State Park to yourself.

What about you… Where do you enjoy going in the Fall?

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